Becca Jeffree is a policy advisor with 11 years’ experience of providing policy analysis and direction to policy development, delivery and decision-making within the UK Government. Drawing on a holistic biological sciences background, she deploys a transdisciplinary strategy in the way she works and drives the adoption of more evidence-based, holistic ways of designing policy.

She is a change-leader, tending to focus on transformative projects. She holds a British Empire Medal for her influential work on gender equality in the workplace in Whitehall. In her time in central government she has led projects on a diverse range of complex and high profile areas including national funding for flood management, renewable energy legislation, transgender equality in public services and, most recently, Brexit negotiations where she continues to lead the strategy for increasing the UK’s share of fishing quota.

She places high importance on thinking and working strategies that encompass observation, continuous learning and challenging of the status quo. She is experienced in communicating and influencing government ministers and senior decision-makers and translating complex, convoluted issues into clear messages and advice.

She is writing a series of articles on approaches for modern-day policymaking, systems thinking and data-based policy development. In line with the theme of observational strategies, she is currently running an art project designed to build awareness of the diversity of UK commercial fish species (official website of the Framed Fish Project here).

What Rebecca does

  • holistic, evidence-based policy advice
  • managing ambiguity
  • policy delivery